How much are your playhouses?

Pricing can be found on our Crooked Houses page.

What are your models?

Original Playhouse:Base 4X6. (includes porch)
Deluxe Playhouse:Base 4X8. (includes dormer and porch)
Double Deluxe Playhouse: Base 4X15. (Deluxe play house with crawl-tube to adjoining 4X4 house with secret door.)

What are the playhouse base color options?

Plum, Blueberry, Tangerine, Sierra, Red Apple, Princess Pink, Camelot Gray, Kiwi, Lemon
Custom playhouse colors are available at an additional charge but a color swatch must be sent by the customer.

What are the playhouse trim color options?

White or Black.
Custom playhouse trim colors are available at an additional charge but a color swatch must be sent by the customer.

How do we get a custom playhouse?

All of our wooden playhouses can be customized for your family. This process takes about 4-6 weeks and a deposit is needed before designing.

What do I need to put under the playhouse to keep it dry?

The base is made from pressure treated wood and does not require anything under the playhouse. Because the wooden base is pressure treated, it is rated to hold up for 40 years with direct contact with the ground. (The floor in the playhouse is plywood and safe for kids.)

What tools do I need for setup?

Powerdriver with Phillips head bit

Who can I call for setup help?

Us of course. 888.447.5446

Where can we see a kids crooked playhouse?

We always have crooked playhouses available at our shop in Maine. If local, please call for an appt. 888.447.5446.


We assume no liability after the playhouse has been delivered to your site. The purchaser is responsible for choosing a structure and accessories appropriate for the developmental levels of the children who will use them. Routine inspections, preventive maintenance and play supervision are all the responsibility of the purchaser and/or homeowner to ensure a play environment that is free of hazard or injury.