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Testimonials for Kids
Crooked House Playhouses

"Clearly, Kids Crooked House has demonstrated a commitment to quality craftsmanship, which has not gone unnoticed. The company works by a mantra of ‘If a kid can dream it, we can build it.’ What a wonderful perspective."
- Olympia Snow, U.S. Senate

"Kids Crooked House playhouses spark children's imagination and creativity, while encouraging outdoors exercise and interaction with peers."
- John Baldacci, Maine Governor

"I'm pretty sure you could open a daycare center, plant one of these houses in a highly visible area and be pushing away prospective parents by the end of the week."

"Built by a two-man-shop in Maine, these goofy angled playhouses may make your kid feel like he's living in a cartoon."
- Mededith Broussard,

"We decided for our Granddaughter's Birthday we would purchase a Crooked House.
I had looked at other alternatives but somehow they did not have the character and charm that these houses have built into them.

The look on her face and her brother's when that was delivered on her birthday were well beyond my expectations. They have thoroughly enjoyed playing in this and have it all set up with their things inside. It has also been a great neighborhood place for the little ones to play and enjoy.

A real success story and the owners of the Crooked house could not have been more helpful and accommodating my short notice in purchasing one of these."
- Sharon Dunlap, Durham, ME

Kids Crooked Houses are amazing! I purchased a green and white KCH with a dormer and custom shutters for my 2 year old daughter after seeing them win the Yahoo! Marketing contest. I found the house easy to set up with a strong friend helping and a few simple tools.

These days I can't keep my little girl from asking / demanding to go to "her house" where she plays for hours uninterrupted by the lure of TV, Videos or other loud distractions. This is the best part about the house, other than its solid construction, is that it allows my daughter to play using her own mind and imagination!

Oh yeah, one other great thing is that KCH makes all their homes in the U.S.A. No fear of lead paint of dangerous construction here! We love it! Consider us big fans!
The Abends
Alexandria, VA








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