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Standard Kids Playhouse Models

These are some of our standard model children's playhouses.

Our Original Playhouse is just the right size for your little ones. Hand-crafted and built with high-grade weather-tight exterior wooden siding, this play house will stand the test of time and create many childhood memories. Includes a kid-sized door, peephole, and a Maine cedar wooden base. Your playhouse will arrive in 7 ready to assemble panels. 4X6 Base with wall that angle out. The roof is over 6 feet tall! Kids Crooked House prices are shown above for these playhouse designs.

Original Houses

Our best-selling Deluxe Playhouse Package has a 4X8 footprint! It includes a roof dormer, and a beautiful Maine cedar wood front porch. Hand-crafted and hand-painted in the woods of Maine, these children's Playhouses are built with high-grade materials and include amazing features that are sure to make your child's first house a home.

Your playhouse will arrive in 7 ready to assemble, weather-tight panels. Choose one of out 9 Kid-Friendly colors to make this house their own.

4X8 base with wall that angle out. The roof is over 7 feet tall!

Deluxe Houses

The Double Deluxe Playhouse Package is a whopper! This children's playhouse starts with our Deluxe Playhouse Package but extends to 15 feet of pure play. A 24 inch diameter crawl tube joins both main and back playhouses together allowing children to pass between houses easily.

The back playhouse has a 4 x 4 base with almost 6 feet of headroom so even parents have the chance to play. The best kept secret... The back play house has a secret door that is hardly visible from the outside but makes for an easy escape when playing their favorite outdoor games.

Your playhouse will arrive in 7 ready to assemble, weather-tight wood panels. Choose one of our 9 Kid-Friendly colors to make this house their own.

4X15 base with wall that angle out. Two playhouses that are joined by a crawl tube.

Double Deluxe Houses

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