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Extreme Home Makeover: Crooked Edition


As you may have read in our last post (The Show Must Go On... TV) we were scrambling to get our Extreme Makeover: Home Edition project done in the midst of the Jon and Kate Playhouse explosion. Well, we made it... in true Crooked House fashion. As you may know, we work with dozens of children’s charities every year, but ABC’s choice for this show is sure to generate a tear or two. I can’t go into the details about the family or the location, but I will say that the family is truly deserving of this home makeover.

We arrived on location to find a Makeover City within a city. There must have been 8 blocks closed off with high security. Extreme Makeover fans lined the streets and all you saw was a scramble of blue shirts everywhere. The fun really started when we pulled up in front of “the house” in our Kids Crooked House truck. The last I heard, 10.2 Million people saw our crooked houses on Jon & Kate Plus 8 and it seemed like all those viewers were now here cheering us on! Jeff and I stepped out of the truck to hear a rumbling chant that grew louder and louder… “Kids Crooked House... Kids Crooked House... Kids Crooked House!” This was truly one of the most amazing feelings ever. It’s nice to know that what you have created can touch the hearts of so many people and families.

Kids Crooked House trip for Extreme Makover Home Edition

Besides the fans, the kindness of the Extreme Makeover crew is what our team will remember most. There are several hundred people behind the scenes that make this show possible for these families in need and they all are truly great people but to my 5-year-old daughter’s disappointment, I didn’t get to personally meet Ty. There is no guarantee that our playhouse will make the show, but it was such an amazing experience, we would jump at the chance to help out again.

Hats off to the Extreme Crew and all that they do... we will get Crooked again, I’m sure.

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