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It's official: Kids Crooked House returns to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition!

I'm going to get Glen to give us some experiential stuff about being on the show soon, but for now, here's the official press release. Make sure to watch on Sunday and tell your friends. Also, we're working on a watching party if you want to come hang out with us in Maine. I'll get you more details on that soon.

Kids Crooked House returns to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

In expanded role, CEO Glen Halliday takes over design and execution of a four-structure backyard build

WINDHAM, Maine—Kids Crooked House continues its growing tradition of philanthropy and helping kids get the resources they need to get outside engaged in active, imaginative play this weekend. The little company based here in rural Maine is proud to once again partner with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, being featured in this weekend’s episode in helping a family in Allentown, Pa., to get back on their feet.

The episode will air at 8:00 p.m. EST, Sunday, October 24, on ABC stations across the country.

For this episode, KCH CEO and Imagineer Glen Halliday is tasked with the design and execution of a four-structure backyard, being designated the Backyard Design Coordinator, and building a beautiful princess-themed Kids Crooked House for the family’s 1-year-old daughter, and designing fanciful living quarters for the family’s array of animals. The entire backyard has been made into a Crooked Playland and KCH couldn’t be happier to help out.

As the iconic "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" returns for an eighth season, there was even a special appearance from Christie Brinkley!

“Similar to past years, when the Extreme Makeover team calls, we’re ready to help,” said Halliday. “It was great to see additional local support through New England Building Materials, our materials supplier. NEBM really stepped up and donated everything we needed to get this family a great Crooked House.”

This is KCH’s third appearance on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and the company has also been featured on TV shows such as Jon & Kate + 8, American Chopper, and the DIY Network. Further, the company has always made giving back to the community a priority, donating its whimsical kids playhouses to the Make a Wish Foundation, the Center for Grieving Children, and Habitat for Humanity just in the past year.

“Whatever we can do to get our kids off the couch and back outdoors involved in active play and using their imaginations,” said Halliday, “we’re going to do it. We hope we continue to get these opportunities to help families get outdoors and enjoying playing together.”

About Kids Crooked House: Based in Windham, Maine, Kids Crooked House was founded by fun-loving dads Glen Halliday and Jeff Leighton, who couldn't find a unique, affordable and imaginative playhouse for their young kids. Soon, the neighbors noticed. Soon everyone noticed. Now, after appearances on Jon & Kate Plus 8, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, DIY Network, and in any number of national and international publications, Kids Crooked House has become a leader in the active play revolution, getting kids outside, moving their bodies, and using their imagination. For more information about Kids Crooked House, visit

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